Our Story

It’s like they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions and True Vine CNMNHNY™ is a shining example of why this saying is true. Several years ago, I was faced with a relapse of the seasonal flu and the unpleasant process of repeating round after round of antiviral medications. As a result, I was forced to look for a natural alternative without the side effects of prescription drugs such as hyperactivity, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, erratic mood changes, & loss of sleep.

After extensive research on natural alternatives, I am excited to announce that True Vine CNMNHNY™ has rediscovered Cinnamon and Honey, an age-old combination that has proven beyond a doubt to be exactly what I was searching for. This is because Cinnamon and Honey have a potent antioxidant content loaded with antimicrobial properties to help support a healthy immune system to fight infections.

We at True Vine Organics have taken those properties and successfully combined them into the most natural solution, using our unique extraction process. Since rediscovering this amazing combination, my family and I have enjoyed protection from immunity crises. We take liquid Cinnamon and Honey at the early onset of cough, cold, and fever to prevent the infection from going into a stage that would require prescription drugs. Furthermore, this combination effectively fights infections without any side effects!

Why Trust Us?

We are totally committed to the health and physical wholeness of families that we have gone to great lengths to bring you this natural relief sourced from the world’s best organic resources. Our proprietary extract of liquid Cinnamon is made from the world’s finest quality of Alba cinnamon grown in the foothills of Sri Lanka from where it derives its very name, True Ceylon Cinnamon. Our True Vine extraction process converts the cinnamon into the most natural, powerful, potent form to derive maximum health benefits. Our honey comes from the Amazon rain forests of Brazil that are pure and rich in flora and Africanized bees and possess no residues of contamination.

We have benefited extensively from this natural wonder and we want to make it available to every household. Choose True Vine CNMNHNY™ today and enjoy a healthy life.